Pick Your Lucky Fafi Numbers and Place a Winning Bet on Homeplay!

Did you have an interesting dream last night? Was it vivid and eventful? You might want to hold on to the memory of it, as this could be your ticket toward a better and wealthier future! Take time to analyze the content of your dream and then use this information to pick a number you will bet on in the next fafi numbers game! Many HomePlay punters rely on their dreams to guide them in making betting decisions that later result in large winnings, and you can be one of them!

What is Fafi?

Although its precise origin is unknown, Fafi is likely to have been invented by Chinese migrants who came to the country many decades ago. Once an exclusively street-based game played secretly in black townships of Johannesburg and other big SA cities, it is now available at top online casinos, such as HomePlay, where players can put their luck to the test and try to win a handsome financial reward by betting from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Fafi is a wonderfully fun and straightforward game whose rules are easy to understand, even for someone new to playing lotteries online. At each session, one number is drawn randomly from the pool of 36. By carefully analyzing the contents of their dreams, Fafi participants select one number they wish to bet on. Such dream reading is done using various Fafi interpretation systems designed by professional players and widely available online. If the number selected by the player is the same as the one drawn in the game, the champion is paid a nice cash reward.

How to play Fafi on HomePlay?

To play Fafi online, you need to be a registered HomePlay user and have a valid betting account on this platform. Here are the steps one must take to start placing Fafi bets on HomePlay:

  • Register an account using your SA telephone number.
  • Deposit funds into your balance that will cover at least one Fafi bet.
  • Go to the Fafi Dream Wheel page and pick your one lucky number.
  • Confirm the bet and wait until the wheel stops moving to see if you have won a prize.
  • Try again and win more. The game plays non-stop on this platform, so you will get plenty of opportunities to strike it rich during a single day!

If you need to check the results of the Fafi Dream Wheel session you took part in, visit the game menu in the top-left corner and see the Draws History section.

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